Submission Requirements

Short Animation Film Design

  1. The video can use any relevant content available online or custom animations.
  2. Animation video should be of min 30secs and max 120secs of minimum 1080p resolution..
  3. Animation video could be with or without audio (audio does impart value addition in the video).
  4. Animation video should be saved as MP4 file format.
  5. Description of your design video should be saved as PDF file in up to 250 words.

Digital Wallpaper Design

  1. The digital wall paper should be of atleast 1024x768 resolution with 4:3 screen size or 1280x720 resolution for 16:9 wide screen.
  2. Designed digital wallpaper should be saved as JPEG file.
  3. Description of your design should be saved as pdf file in up to 250 words.

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